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Tech Gazebo

Our team of Quality Assurance specialists provides you with a comprehensive range of performance testing services, assisting you to retain clients. Boost your long-term market advantage with our quality assurance services.

Tech Gazebo Solutions

QA Testing

Tech Gazebo is an expert in the field of testing. You can rely on our software testing solutions with our proven track record in quality assurance. Our software testing solution is built on the expertise of a team of experienced and qualified testers with over a decade of experience.

Our software quality assurance services aren't restricted to one industry. Among Tech Gazebo's industry expertise are information technology, telecommunications, e-commerce, e-learning, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, and travel.

Our services include:

Integration Testing

Automated Testing

Consulting on Test Strategy

Acceptance Testing of Users

Performance Evaluation

Testing for Security

Testing on Mobile Devices

QA Testing and Process

There's a Reason for the Tech Gazebo Solutions

  • Unlike many other software testing companies, Tech Gazebo emphasizes quality testing throughout all stages and elements of your application's development.
  • We achieve this by implementing tools that reduce total testing costs, a benefit passed on to you. In addition to cost reductions, there are other compelling reasons to choose our testing services, such as: 
  • Our teams and technologies are extremely responsive.
  • Our strategy and disciplines to plan testing for end-to-end.
  • Managing, governing, and reporting the testing process that is simple and painless.
  • We use intensive security and usability testing to ensure that our products are safe and convenient.

Quality Assurance Solutions

Functional Testing

The pinnacle of our quality assurance services is functional testing. This testing includes basic and sophisticated functionality tests, which address accessibility and stability.

Non-Functional Testing

Tech Gazebo offers a range of non-functional SQA services. We evaluate quality features of your application that are more difficult to define with traditional functional testing methods.

Test Automation
  • We are dedicated to providing automation services that produce a positive return on investment. We've built automation frameworks using tools like Selenium, TOSCA, UFT, Microsoft CodedUI, Ranorex, and Sahi Pro.
  • Aspects of our test automation methodology include the following:
  • Develop an enterprise-level and program-level automation strategy
  • Design an automated regression suite
  • Frameworks for test automation and automated test scripts are currently being developed.
Security Testing

Our team gives you a realistic perspective of how attackers can exploit any flaws in your application and shows you how to prevent them.

Web Accessibility Testing

Efforts made to ensure that web content can be accessed and used by persons with disabilities are called accessibility measures. Essentially, it is the ideas and strategies that web designers and developers use while designing and creating websites.

Performance Testing

In order to protect your company's reputation, we assist you in preventing poor performance under load. As part of our performance testing services, we use various pragmatic and flexible methods to prevent the risk of slow performance, application failure under heavy load, and mistakes due to large amounts of user data.

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