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From the old to the new to next-gen applications

Technology's long-term viability is dwindling. Businesses are embracing new, advanced technologies to boost productivity and cut costs, while new, advanced technologies are reshaping the ecosystem. Re-engineering and re-designing programmes necessitates a significant amount of time, technical expertise, and understanding of the changing nature of technology.

Tech Gazebo's Legacy Migration Services

will help you stay current

Tech Gazebo Solutions provides dependable legacy app modernization and migration services, seamlessly migrating from outdated software systems to the most up-to-date IT software technology, as well as customising legacy app migration solutions.

Tech Gazebo Solutions’ Legacy Migration Approach

Consultations, implementation strategy, development, re-engineering, and rollout are all part of our legacy migration package. To find the best approach for legacy app migration, we engage closely with specific teams inside our clients.

Legacy system assessment

While determining which systems should be deprecated or consolidated, we build an inventory of applications, software assets, and service-level agreements for each application.

Strategy development and implementation roadmap

We compile a list of solution options based on a cost-benefit analysis and a timeline for execution.

Services for implementation and rollout

We design the essential components with the correct tools on new platforms and architectures by extracting the business logic from legacy programmes that need migration or re-engineering.

Governance and support for applications

For seamless operations and efficient system uptime, we provide governance efforts and ongoing support for newly migrated or re-engineered applications.

Why Tech Gazebo Solutions For Legacy Migration?

Our knowledge base, expertise, cross-functional teams, and laser-like concentration at Tech Gazebo Solutions provide us the ability to manage legacy application modernization and migration with ease. The implementation and transition of legacy migration solutions is flawlessly completed with minimal disruption to typical procedures and workflows.

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